Virtual phone numbers

Geographic and virtual numbers

007VoIP offers its virtual numbers (DID) service. These are phone numbers available on most countries that can be redirected to you local or mobil device anywhere you are or to a virtual extension by using our PBX service.

These virtual numbers are compatible with VoIP technology, wich allows you to redirect all calls to any mobile, SIP or IAX device, using aLaw, uLaw or G.729 encoders, this will ensure an excellent call quality. Your client and you, will hear each other as if you were in the same city.

Expand your business presence

Expand the presence of your business with a geographical telephone number. Provide better ways of communication for your customers located in different countries.

Communicate with your clients from anywhere in the world

Your clients and contacts will just have to make a local call and you will receive them directly to your mobile (softphone) or landline phone, in your office or in your home, even if ure traveling anywhere in the world.

Connect your number directly to your mobile device

You can connect your number to our software (Download software), Skype, VoIP software, compatible smartphones, any operator, redirection or phone number you wish to.

Connect your number to your landline phone

You can acquire, together with your number, a 007VoIP adaptor completely ready to use (plug & play) which you can connect to any Internet provider (conventional phones not included).

SMS/Mobile numbers

You can receive these delivered SMS on any country in your email or your account. You can also use these messages for any SMS-based authentication service like the two factor authentication system in banks, e-mail accounts, etc.