We regret to hear that mydivert.com services will close at the end of September 2019

We know how important it is for you to keep your virtual numbers in operation, our priority is to help you with a seamless transfer of your existing services from mydivert.com to 007voip.com. That is why we are bringing you very good news for all Mydivert.com customers:

To all current Mydivert.com customers we are offering a welcome package consisting of free transferring of their existing numbers – no porting fee, in addition we offer the following service: 2 free extensions and 2 channels per ported number (upgradable with more channels if needed), voicemail box in language of your choice , call transfer, welcome messages, personalization for voicemail, control panel for other settings and call history. In addition, if you are not satisfied with our service within first 30 days, we offer full refund of your money.

Business numbers? Of course, we also offer professional services for your office and company: IVRs, personalized answering machine to speed up the response to your customers, announcements and jingles for brand your reminder, establish call schedules so that your customers leave a message on holidays or non-business days, recording calls for use and quality control of the service, agent queue and much more.

Do you need solutions beyond the conventional? Our technicians are trained to provide you with a wide portfolio of personalized services for your virtual numbers, fully adapted to your personal and business needs.

Contact us now and start enjoying our services without interruption.